Why Just Have One Day?

Give her an entire week of love. Plan out the days and do something special for her each day leading up to the big day.

Leave a note for her each morning with directions...

"I know you have been working hard lately and we haven't been able to spend as much time as we would like together. I see you have been keeping up with your workout and diet, I am proud of you. You constantly ask me, "Does my butt look big?" or "Are my abs on fleek." So because of that I have decided to book you an appointment at the spa for the sauna and bought you a couple things from Nike."

"I took the time out to rent a camera for us. At 9pm tonight we will have a photoshoot and I am the camera man. At 6pm your girls will come over to do your hair and make up. I hope you like the outfit I picked out in the closet."