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The Best Sunglasses for Fall

EyeBuyDirect has been breaking barriers since 2005, striving to provide better vision to millions across the world. From their prescription glasses to their sunglasses EyeBuyDirect has some of the best quality and affordable prices I have ever seen.

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TPG's Experience

For the Fall I decided to make a bold statement with my frames. Already owning 4 different brown tortoise and black sunglasses, I wanted to switch it up. So I decided to go with EyeBuyDirect's Ivory Tortoise HAVANA with grey gradient lens. The best feature about the site is you can select the type of lens you want. Giving you the ultimate custom experience.

I decided to link up with one of my favorite photographers in Atlanta, Temi from the AUCCAM, and get some good shots in my new specs.



EyeBuyDirect has hundreds of options to choose from. The site is super user friendly, just pick the style frames, color of the frames, then type of lens, and color of lens. Even though they offer affordable pricing they still offer their customers discounts to 15% off and even buy 1 get 1 free. If you are looking for creativity in your eyewear then EyeBuyDirect will be your best friend.