It is officially college football season! My girlfriend and I made a trip down to Orlando to watch the season opener of her alma mater Louisville as they face of Alabama. However, Orlando is too beautiful for just football we decided to tour & stay in Winter Park at The Alfond Inn for two nights.


Scenic Boat Tour

Winter Park has some of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen, several dozens homes on the chain of lakes. For about a hour we took a tour around the chain of lakes, I learned so much about Winter Park and its rich history. A cool fact was Mr. Rogers, yes childhood legend Mr Rogers, lived in one of these lovely homes as a student at Rollins College. Thank Alfond Inn for the tickets for this breath taking tour.


Alfond Inn

Rollins College is the college of the town and they did not have a place for guest to stay when they visited that was near by so they build The Alfond Inn. The Alfond Inn is an integrated art hotel that is also a non-profit, the proceeds go towards a full-ride scholarships for students at Alfond Inn. It was everything you could ever ask for in a hotel, beautiful art, great food, and walking distances from all the best restaurants. Check out some of my photos from my experience below.



Growing up being a four sport athlete I surprisngly have never attended a D1 college football game. My girlfriend is a loyal fan to all Louisville sports team so she got us tickets for me to experience my first big game with her. The town was painted with Alabama fans, but that did not kill our spirit. We wanted to see Louisville go out there and put up a great fight. Sadly the game did not go the way we wanted, but we had so much fun. Before the game we bar hopped to a couple bars and met some new friends who were also Cards’ fans.