3 Steps To Become The Perfect Hint Giver

Step 1: Drop a hypothetical hint

You are personally working on building your wine collection. And you would really love if he bought you something to go along with it. To be the perfect hint giver you should bring up items for your wine in conversation -->

"Oh my gosh, I love wine. Rodney Strong Cab is my favorite."

"Babe, do you see this wine set, it would go perfect in my kitchen."

"Remember when you couldn't put the cork back into the wine, we should of had wine stoppers."

He would be a fool if he did't buy you something to go with your wine collection.

Step 2: Drop a historical hint

"My mom gets me clothes from here. I pretty much love anything that come from this store.

"Do you remember what we did last year? The best gift ever, I love when we go out. Remember our walk after dinner? It just doesn't feel like Valentine's Day to me unless we get out of the house."

Obviously you will allow him time to respond, but I am more than sure he will take you out again this year.

Step 3: Smile & Enjoy

Thank him and tell him how much you appreciate the gift. But to make him really happy about his choice, gracefully drop another hint.

"What a perfect way to finish off my wine collection. I don't think I ever have to worry about buying anything else for it."