Best Way To Groom

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Fredrick Benjamin was created by Michael James, which is named after his grandfather. The brand is committed to producing natural, high quality grooming products that work, period. They offer natural solutions to cleanse, condition and style textured hair.

TPG's Experience

I had the pleasure of trying the set below, which I love. The shampoo and conditioner were really sweet, they both are infused with a natural spearmint oil. Spearmint is really good for the scalp, it refreshen the skin.

My favorite two products are the daily hydrator styling creme and the sleek water pomade. I use to use Sport 360 waves grease to build my waves when I was younger and then I found out that grease is bad for your hair. So I was excited when I saw the pomade was grease free. After a week I notice a softer texture to my hair. I definitely will be sticking with this brand.