Many who live in Atlanta travel outside of Georgia for a vacation, because they believe they have to leave the state to get away from the rush hour traffic. However, Georgia has a very special gem that is less than 45 minutes outside of the city. Chateau Elan hosted my girlfriend and I for a 3 day staycation. When I tell you we had a ball, I mean it!


Wine Tasting

You might be surprise, but this was my first time wine tasting at a winery. Of course, I have done a few tasting in the city, but there is nothing like a wine tasting at a winery. It really puts it in perspective when you can see the grapes, the production room, + the finally product. And I might add, Chateau Elan has some of the best wine I have ever tried. There is something about having a private tour of the winery and trying 9 or 10 wines (I lost count after 6). Our favorite wine was their Muscadine Duncan Creek White Blend, I typically go with a strong cab but this white wine ended up being my favorite.

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Dinner At Marc

My second night at Chateau Elan we had dinner reservation for two at Marc. Awh man, just writing about it now makes me remember the flavorful bistro filet I had. The ambience was perfect, definitely a place I recommend for date night. Before we were seated I met a few couples who were celebrating their anniversary or they traveled from surrounding states to have a romantic get away. If you want to set the mood, this is the place you want to go.

Bistro filet with a special wine sauce (to the left). Red snapper with a special lemon sauce (to the right).  

Bistro filet with a special wine sauce (to the left). Red snapper with a special lemon sauce (to the right).  


About Chateau Elan

The property is perfect for multiple occasions; wedding, vacations, staycations, birthdays, or even a golfing trip. There is so much to do there and the staff was superb. Thank you to Chateau Elan team for arranging our stay and a huge shout out to Stanley (wine tasting tour guide) and Stefan (our waiter at Marc). I will definitely be back to experience the golf course and the spa & wellness.

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