Wanna really surprise her

Bring her Chick-fil-A when it is closed. That would hands down be the best Valentine's Day known to mankind. 

I have an idea on how, hopefully it will help you be number one in her book.


Step 1

Go into Chick-fil-A right before it closes, make sure you are dressed comfortably. 

Step 2

Hide inside of the bathroom, until Sunday morning (Yes, you will have to spend the night.)

Step 3

Go back into the kitchen and start whipping up breakfast.

Step 4  

Rush over to your girl house and give her Chick-fil-A for breakfast in bed. 

Or , if you aren't willing to break in then buy Chick-fil-A Saturday and warm it up Sunday morning for her. 

Honestly, if you can pull off option number one I'll personally give you $100.  

Break a leg.